Let's protect the A2P SMS ecosystem

IRSF (International Revenue Share Fraud) is escalating, including SMS AIT (Artificially Inflated Traffic) incidents. Calls and SMS to IPRNs (International Premium Rate Numbers) are being hijacked on a regular basis and it's getting harder to distinguish legitimate calls and SMS from AIT. In addition, AI technology is being used to intensify SMS AIT, generating millions of fake SMS, in particular, One Time Passwords (OTPs). All this is a major risk to business messaging.​

Stop IRSF before it even starts

Existing solutions are about detection after the fraud has happened. The GSMA’s new service is the first one that enables you to prevent IRSF attacks from occurring in the first place through the swift gathering and aggregation of data, which is faster than AI.

  • Feature
  • Its agile database continuously captures large amounts of fixed and mobile numbers, including all new numbers
  • The database is updated every 20 seconds using a unique scanning system and monitors all traffic
  • Gives no false alerts
  • The largest and broadest coverage of IPRNs used in SMS AIT
  • Access via an API
  • Benefit
  • Quickly identify compromised customer accounts
  • Prevent IRSF instead of managing it, including Wangiri attacks
  • Gives you an over 90% detection rate on confirmed fraud cases
  • Protect phone verification services abused by bots and OTP/2FA scripting attacks
  • Draw the latest data 24/7
Companies already benefitting from the service
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Over 12 million

unique at-risk IPRN numbers in our global threat feed

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countries and territories covered

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Global threats and attacks are detected per day

Core service features
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The Database

A global database of IPRNs that are likely to be associated with either SMS or voice fraud that's updated every 20 seconds, 24/7.

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Alert Feature

A monitoring system that identifies imminent voice or SMS fraud attacks and flags them via the service's incident dashboard.

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Check Feature

A lookup feature that interrogates the IRSF Prevention Database to confirm whether a telephone number has been flagged as an IPRN and shows the history of IPRNs.

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Why choose this service
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IRSF costs the industry billions of dollars every year

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Have the tools to stop an attack before it happens

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Uses new data-gathering techniques

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Provides high-risk number data in near real-time