Fed up with all the disappointing guesstimates? When what you're after is the most accurate IoT data that leads directly to satisfying business performance?

GSMA Device Map has advanced IoT insights. Giving you curated, granular details to help you precisely pinpoint the type, function, and behaviour of the IoT devices on your network. Making network optimisation much easier to achieve.

Device Map includes GSMA’s unique TAC data - the 8-digit type allocation code (TAC) required to identify every new device type. Along with 150+ device capability characteristics, from a global network of sources. When this is mapped with our IoT data, you get the advanced IoT insights. Specifically, they help you:

Accurately identify IoT devices to a very detailed level, with over 20 IoT device-type classifications.
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Plan network enhancements with confidence, thanks to precise insights into IoT device capabilities.
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Make optimal traffic capacity reservations at cell tower level, with IoT device behaviour groupings.
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Facilitate best rate plans, by distinguishing IoT consumer devices from M2M ones.
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Leverage IoT opportunities. Know which devices are NB-IoT (low data volume) or LTE-M (larger data volume) capable.
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Know where the insecure devices are on your network, such as smart cameras, TVs and IP phones.
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From vague assumptions to
pinpoint accuracy

See GSMA Device Map's advanced IoT insights for yourself with this visualisation tool, where you can explore device attributes such as IoT endpoint, IoT enabler and IoT controller. It shows how the service can significantly improve the way you work, by enabling you to recognise and categorise IoT devices with precision - for easy and effective analytics.

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