Now so much more is possible

GSMA eSIM Discovery's new updates mean that you and your customers can now do what you've always wanted with remote SIM provisioning. Whether it's your subscribers, your enterprise customers or for IoT.

New Updates
Push notifications for instant eSIM profile activation
New IoT specification from the eSIM Working Group 7
What's Different?
Customers just accept a download sent to their device
SM-SR is no longer required for centralised control
Minimal customer onboarding and minimal cost
Small-scale IoT projects are now possible
A Better Customer
  • Remote eSIM profile activation is so much easier
  • Customers no longer have to request their profile
  • No searching menus, scanning QR codes or switching on and off
Greater Efficiencies
for Enterprise
  • eSIM devices are activated remotely, saving time and money on employee onboarding
  • Subsequent updates also require minimal user interaction - keeping costs down in the long-term
  • New IoT specifications mean businesses can deploy eSIM profiles on a smaller scale

Production trial planning

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Unlocks Opportunities for IoT
  • No need for operators to host a dedicated infrastructure for IoT projects, as they can reuse the consumer eSIM infrastructure, including GSMA eSIM Discovery
  • Enables IoT trials in new areas without much investment

Meet the GSMA eSIM Discovery Resellers

Giesecke+Devrient, Idemia, Thales and Truphone are our SM DP+ service provider partners, who have integrated GSMA eSIM Discovery into their existing suite of SM DP+ eSIM management services.

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