Course launch: 9 September 2024

Course completion: 18 October 2024

Join us in shaping the future of connectivity

Public policy and regulation play a crucial role in shaping how the mobile industry responds
to change – from spectrum allocation to consumer protection. That's why the GSMA, building
on years of shaping global mobile standards, is sharing its extensive expertise by launching
our first ever industry accreditation – designed for blended learning via a combination of live,
online seminars and remote, self-paced modules.

About the course

This 6-week course is designed for professionals in the telco industry to gain a broad foundation in policy and regulatory insights – across the topic areas that are most pertinent to the rapidly evolving technology and compliance landscape.


Practical insights into spectrum
planning at national and
international levels, including the
intricacies of accommodating
fast-evolving technology.


Mobile Privacy and Security Principles

Unpack the challenges of the mobile internet, new technologies and converged services around the world, including the GSMA's Mobile Privacy Principles, Privacy Design Guidelines for App Developers, and industry initiatives to help consumers control their data.


Mobile and

Understand the causes and impacts of climate change, the influence of digital and mobile technologies, the carbon footprint of the mobile industry, and the challenges and opportunities of incorporating renewable energy for mobile network operators.



Discover ethical AI practices that ensure fairness, transparency, privacy, and accountability, while leveraging AI to enhance services and operations, which optimise network performance, customer service, and business efficiencies.


of Things

Explore IoT concepts including the benefits for consumers and business and the regulatory considerations for policymakers surrounding implementation.


Competition Policy
in the Digital Age

Understand the rules of competition and telco regulatory powers, which now include the Over-The-Top players.


5G: The Path to the
Next Generation

Understand 5G roaming scenarios within 4G/5G networks, including security procedures, common roaming network architectures, 5G roaming operations, and the delivery of data and IMS services while roaming.


Learn around your work schedule

The course is flexibly designed to fit into the busy professional lives of those working in the telco industry – through a combination of self-paced online modules, live seminars from GSMA experts, and a manageable volume of submitted coursework.

Once you complete the course, you will receive a full accreditation in Public Policy Best Practice & Regulatory Impact from GSMA Advance.


Practical knowledge for telco industry professionals

Packed with practical guidance from international subject-matter experts, the course helps industry professionals understand the real-world implications of different policy and regulatory approaches – and how they affect the delivery of mobile services in countries around the world.

For organisations

Confidently navigate complex regulatory landscapes, mitigate risks, avoid penalties, and develop resilient strategies.

For individuals

Gain a respected industry accreditation and develop expertise that empowers you to progress
in your career.

Can you study individual modules?

If you need to improve your knowledge in one specific area, some modules are available to study individually, without gaining the full GSMA professional accreditation. Please get in touch below to discuss your individual needs.

GSMA Advance – tailored
events and training

The GSMA has a long history of telco industry capacity building and is committed to closing the skills gaps across the mobile landscape – delivering better outcomes for our members and communities across the world.

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