With the sunsetting of 2G and 3G in motion, mobile networks need to rely on VoLTE to deliver voice services to their customers. This requires the network and device to be interoperable, interconnecting seamlessly, whether at home or roaming.

Due to the complexities around 4G and 5G, this isn’t always the case, which has led to a loss of services for customers – even for emergency calls as seen recently in the US – and could lead to a loss of confidence from your business partners.

Why VoLTE interoperability testing is important

By taking one of GSMA’s interoperability tests, you can demonstrate the IMS IP product configuration. That is why passing a test provides reassurance to all device manufacturers and your roaming partners, at the same time as ensuring you deliver the best service to your customers.

What’s more, the independently verified tests are endorsed by both the GSMA Networks and Terminal Steering Working Groups. The goal is to build confidence and trust between MNOs/MVNOs and the OEM community, as one-to-one testing on each device with every operator is lengthy and costly.

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You are only one test away from all this:

A seamless transition to VoLTE, ensuring service continuity for your customers

Demonstrating to business partners that your VoLTE network meets industry standards

No barriers to activating devices and roaming agreements

Less need for the blocking of VoLTE on devices on your network

A GSMA-branded certificate, which is placed on the GSMA website for all to see

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What are the tests?
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Network examined via test equipment acting as a reference device

Test uses the IMS configuration settings of the network

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Network Roaming Test

Testing of two S8HR VoLTE roaming networks via test equipment acting as a reference device in each network

The test uses the respective IMS configuration settings of each network

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Network & Device Test

Real device tested against already tested network

The network is an emulation of the real network based on message traces taken during the network only test

The test uses the IMS configuration settings of the MNO network

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Manufacturer / OEM


Testing of a device against test equipment (i.e. a simulated network) of an IMS-based service

The device is tested against the recommended IR.25 device profiles to generically test its IMS service capability