Coming together for better compatibility

We believe that all mobile operators should be able to simply share their settings with the world’s OEMs. GSMA Network Settings Exchange grants you easy access to the top 10 global device manufacturers, since out-of-date or incorrect network settings on devices can affect the whole mobile ecosystem and make customers’ network services unreliable,

What is the GSMA Network Settings Exchange?

A hub where mobile operators can deliver their network settings to the world’s device manufacturers, for device configuration.

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The key benefits for mobile operators (MNOs and MVNOs)
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Makes sure all devices work on your network
With access to the global top 10 device manufacturers and over 90% of the world’s devices, so the devices on your network are configured with your latest network settings
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Gives more control and effective management
Through the platform you can organise, collate and upload your settings
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Simplifies processes and reduces operational costs
Upload from one location, in one universally accepted format, so you don’t have to service each OEM separately
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Prepares you for more VoLTE usage and more 5G services
In markets where 2G and 3G have been switched off, it’s vitally important that VoLTE, ViLTE and 5G services are working optimally